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    It is a work of the Tokyo-based voice performer and pianist, Keiko Higuchi, and the Rome/Berlin-based sound artist, Cris X. Lost and coming into a cave, the breathing of each other can be heard in obscurity. The found scarlet "primodia" in the unlit world is icy cold yet hot. Like a burning coal concealed with care, the calm pathos, however, sealed in their stirring sound, are going to "melt".

    Keiko Higuchi:
    Keiko Higuchi is a vocalist, pianist, performer residing in Japan. She has started out playing improvisation when she was in the united states with a band named "Saturnalia".
    After she came back to Japan in 1998, she has made some tours with the butoh dancer, Imre Thormann and the cellist, Yasumune Morishige, and also have worked with various musicians and groups. Her work is not only limited to her improv. vocal work, but she also works as a singer with the pianist, shin-ichiro kanda,where she does more of a "conventional" way of singing, her solo piano/vocal work, and as a group/ unit, she works in DUEL (Mitsuru Tabata, ASTRO, Kelly Churko and keiko higuchi), KYOHANSHA (isshee on bass, keiko higuchi on drums), etc, there are many units she has been in. As an improviser, she has performed with many musicians/ groups in and out of Japan.
    she also works as a writer, photographer, vocal teacher and so on.
    for more reference, please check www.geocities.jp/cleokkk

    CRIS X:
    Cristiano Luciani was born in Rome, Italy, in the 1976. He is a sound and visual artist and he works and lives in Rome (Italy) and Berlin (Germany). Cris X’s solo project exploring the synthesis of composition and improvisation and Its music moving from electronics and noise to expressionist ambient and musique concrète. He composed and performed music for theatre productions, contemporary ballet and live film scorings, along with the soundtracks of his own video production. His visual and sound artwork has been exhibited in different contexts and festivals throughout Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, China and South America.
    He has collaborated and played with musicians and artists from different cultures and art scenes as Merzbow/Masami Akita, KK Null/Kazuyuki Kishino, MB/Maurizio Bianchi, Phil Minton, Tristan Horsinger, Sachiko, Michiko Hirayama, Hamayoko/Yoko Higashi, Gene Coleman, Eugene Chadbourne, Torturing nurse among others. In the 2010 he created the experimental label CX Records which concentrates on the release and publishing of his own musical/video works and collaborations. www.crisx.net

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released March 23, 2014

title: MELT
num: MA012
format: CD

1 ceaseless / do you care?
2 sister / you left me so insane
3 in obscurity
4 tell me what you got to say
5 melt



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